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If you are an avid gym goer, someone looking for certain testosterone boosters online or just a MAN that craves more natural testosterone levels – chances are you’ve come across Test Freak. Oh, you want to tell me this is not the case for you?

Buckle up and chill, I’m here to bring down the curtain on this particular supplement. This review will be examining the various aspects and parts of it – be it positive or negative. And of course, as the tradition goes here at Testosterone Nerd, there will be a section about my PERSONAL impression of the product.

As with just about every other product (not just supplement) out there, Test Freak claims that it does this and does that in terms of giving your natural T production a kick.

Let’s cut to the chase now guys and take a closer look!


For starters, Test Freak comes from Pharmafreak. Never heard about them? I won’t blame you, although they’ve been part of the industry since 2008, it’s not like theses “freaks” can compete with BSN or MuscleTech for example.

Talk about a WEIRD name for a supplement company focused on more hardcore and supposedly athlete-targeted ones though. Pharma probably refers to pharmacy or pharmaceuticals and freak should impose the possible effects of their products. Nonetheless, kudos for being different at the very least!

What’s the main idea behind Test Freak and what was it designed to do? Here’s what:

  • Boost free T levels
  • Optimize muscular strength and size
  • Enhance libido plus performance (in the bedroom)

Magnificent, astonishing, formidable…. I’m pretty much sold on this testosterone booster just by the thought of achieving one or any of these. However, ‘not so fast cowboy’ is the voice of reason here – the real credibility behind Test Freak is yet to be unveiled.

But hey, before digging any deeper, we have to check who is and who isn’t fit (or freaky, to fit the theme) for this one:

The official product box of Test Freak

Who Is Test Freak Suited For?

For underdeveloped female orcas with premenstrual syndrome. Call me a freak, but isn’t that what this whole Review IS and SHOULD be all about?

Alright, switch back to real life now and as we exclude my (sometimes) suspicious attempts at sarcasm and irony! What I’m reviewing here is a supplement, as such, it doesn’t contain harmful substances like…. who guesses what I’m referring to wins a free ticket to the next live performance of JB.

Test Freak has NOTHING to do with steroids or similar synthetic crap, so we’re extending the circle of potential candidates fit for taking it. Come on, let me give you some examples about who this product is suited for:

  • Gym rats
  • Folks with low testosterone
  • Guys with libido problems
  • Men looking to pack on more meat (muscles, not fat)
  • Anyone interested in increasing their natural T levels

If you are familiar with most (if not ALL) testosterone boosters on the market, this will be pretty standard in your eyes. I can’t blame you buddy – truth being told, every product from this category aims to do exactly the same. That is, to boost your test in a natural manner.

Test Freak has no desires to separate itself from the pack and this is actually a good thing. In this regard that is, we’ll see what the cons of this supplement are, later on.

Know what? Don’t you think it’d be a GREAT idea to share my experience with Test Freak and what my personal thoughts about it are!? Buckle up!



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