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Our WHEY PROTEIN+ is a premium protein supplement for elite athletes, the physically active and health conscious individuals. It supplies a high level of naturally occurring glutamine and BCAA’s.
Whey proteins are considered to be one of your best quality proteins as they are high in BCAA’s. During intense training your BCAA levels drop, causing your body to go catabolic and break down muscle tissue. This in turn depletes your immune system and effects your recovery.

Supplementing with NPL’s WHEY PROTEIN+ ensures optimal muscle recovery by supplying a high level of BCAA’s and other essential amino acids to your muscles.
By preventing muscle tissue breakdown, you enable your body to utilize fat as an energy source.

NPL’s WHEY PROTEIN+ supports a leaner physique and enables your body to function at it’s most optimum level.

Aminogen* – A vital ingredient to NPL’s WHEY PR0TEIN+, is a 100% natural enzyme and patented ingredient, that is derived from a plant which is known for it’s ability to increase lean muscle mass and strength. It is clinically proven to help boost amino acid levels and increase nitrogen retention, which assists with building lean muscle at a faster rate. This enzyme breaks down protein in the digestive process which improves overall amino acid absorption. This works together to promote deep muscle recovery, resulting in increased lean muscle mass.



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3KG, 908g


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