NPL Test Surge


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NPL Test Surge gives testosterone support for increased male and athletic performance.

Get Stronger

Testosterone is a vital hormone in helping male athletes reach their fitness goals.

It plays a role in maintaining strength levels in men.

Being physically more powerful enables athletes to lift heavier weights during their workouts.

Lean Muscle Gains

Lifting weights increases the thickness of muscle fibres which increases muscle in athletes.

The ability to train with heavier weights recruits more fibres and increases the load on muscle for increased gains.

Male Performance

Studies have linked testosterone to male libido and stamina as well as mental wellbeing.

Decreased Testosterone Levels

Male athletes and lifters may experience a drop in levels due to over-training, stressful environments and other factors.

Boost Athletic Performance

By maintaining or enhancing natural testosterone levels athletes should get a boost in athletic performance by improving recovery and decreasing post-exercise fatigue.