NPL Hydro Beef


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Lactose Free

One of the benefits of NPL Hydro Beef is that it is suitable for lactose intolerant individuals or if you are sensitive to drinking Whey shakes.

The protein in NPL Hydro Beef has been broken down to an extremely small form which allows for better absorption.

No Hormones

A claim that we thought was bold of the manufacturer was the “No Hormones Used” on the product label.

Questioning them on the statement they are confident on the source of the raw materials used. A product with no added hormones is a big plus for the consumer.

Added Digestive Enzymes

To add to the superior absorbability of beef protein the manufacturers have included Aminogen® which is a registered blend of digestive aminos to further improve on the uptake and utilization of the protein.

For Lean Muscle Gains

This is a great post-workout shake due to its fast absorption rate and suitable for most with being lactose free. You would ideally use this if your fitness goal is lean muscle gain or maintenance.

Great Taste

As of this writing, it only comes in Chocolate with the flavoring being acceptable to most considering how difficult it is to flavor beef protein.

Quality Guaranteed

The beef protein used in this product is manufactured in Switzerland, a country renown for quality raw ingredients.

NPL Hydro Beef is one of the few beef proteins available in South Africa and is a viable alternative to Whey shakes with its superior amino acid content and digestibility.