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When you hear the word “testosterone” the first thing that comes to mind is big FKN muscles and that is most definitely one of the many benefits of taking an Testosterone Boosting supplement.

As men get older their testosterone level drop this could lead to muscle break down, depression and in more cases than none it takes the lead out of your pencil, if you picking up what I am putting down.

If you want to stay the Big Bad Bull in the yard you will have to keep those test levels up, introducing a testosterone enhancer to your supplement stack would be a good idea, not only to build and maintain muscle, but to boost your libido, increase your appetite and supply antioxidants to your immune system.

Here are a few tips on how to keep those test levels up in the gym :

1: Avoid long distance sports,  like cycling for example, stick to the weights and make sure you rack it up, lift heavy!!!!

2. On the subject of lifting heavy, get a training partner or spotter. You want to force out as many reps as you can, a partner will help you with those last few crucial reps.

3.Keep you leg game strong, squats  are great, your body releases the most testosterone when squatting so rack up the bar and go low.

4.HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that includes sprints, short 7 to 10 sec sprints will do the job giving you a great workout but also releases natural testosterone like crazy.


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